Beech & Elm Smokers Bow Elbow Chair

We were recently asked to restore the below chair, dated roughly 1860.

beech and elm smokers elbow chair


Generally all the joints were loose and the the chair was quite unsafe to use, but the main fault of the chair was a turned spindle upright support from the arm rest was missing.

First of all we had to select the right piece of timber, in this case it was beech. As far as wood turning goes this was fairly straight forward, however there was still about an hours turning to be done.

There is a difference in wood turning skills, for the amateur or for someone who has just started out in wood turning, the tendency is to knock the wood off in chippings and sometimes it can be quite dusty. As you get more experienced you can pair the wood off taking a shaving with the turning chisel, this will give you a much better finish and if your are really good no sanding is required to finish off, a sharp chisel helps!

brian wood turning