Cylinder Roll Top Desk

It is not often you get jobs like this one, which is why I have decided to use this piece for my blog this week.

cylinder roll top desk

The cylinder top of Mr Jagers desk had jammed shut. So we brought it into the workshop to take a closer look. We removed the back and soon realised the problem. The wood had simply warped with age and with the top operating on metal hinge’s these had also began to rust. Furniture restoration can be a problematic business at times because when wood has warped as badly as this there is very little you can do. We started by spraying the metal hinge’s with WD40, which straight away sligthly freed the top. We then went onto waxing the runners. Just by doing these 2 things, the cylinder tops movement had improved 100%.

Mr Jager also requested we stripped and French polished the top to bring back the colour and remove some water marks. All in all the work turned out excellently and the client was very happy to have his desk back in working order.

cylinder roll top desk open